Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Indian, Arranged Marriages: The e-way

Marriage is a very important institution among all traditional societies around the world and India is no different. We Indians go crazy at weddings, we splurge on every aspect of the ceremony and on everything related to it. There is a phrase that has been coined just for Indian Weddings and anyone familiar to the ceremonies will agree that, 'The Big Fat Indian Wedding' is apt for our weddings, a lot more apt as compared to, say Greek Weddings.

We love our weddings and we love them grand. But all grand things have very humble beginnings. The Indian wedding starts with, as with all marriages, the search for the suitable boy/ girl. Traditionally, that was the task of the parents, relatives, everyone and their dogs. But then why am I suddenly talking about weddings on Technosophy? I am not. I am talking about how The Big Fat Indian Wedding has also been influenced by technology, in this case, the Internet.