Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introducing 'Technosophy'

Technosophy is about the idea that technology is deployed to make life easier for humans (and maybe someday for other creatures too). But does it always perform this function? Haven’t you been through those days when you bought a new gadget hoping to make your life easier but ended up pulling your hair out wondering how to get the damn thing to work. The instruction manuals are getting thicker by the day, so much so that including a ‘Quick Start Guide’ is de rigueur. Not that they really help but that is another story.

Looking at some of the instruction manuals reminds me of that scene from ‘Die Another Day’ when Q gives James the instruction manual of the new Aston Martin Vanquish (nee Vanish) and asks him to shoot through the manual, James promptly flings the book in the air letting the guided sub-machine guns to shoot through the manual. How many times have you felt like doing that?

This blog is run by a guy who is part dreamer, part idealist and completely crazy (about technology too). The blog is about his thoughts on technology and how it is changing our world and  perceptions.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and rants. If you don’t, feel free to throw your brickbats at me; though I won't begrudge an occasional bouquet either :)

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